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Follow these instructions to easily apply your decal:

1.  With glass cleaner, clean the surface on which you will be applying the decal.
2.  Turn the decal over so that the panther image is not visible.  Begin at one end and slowly peel off the backing paper, making sure all pieces of the decal stick to the transfer paper (the paper you are not peeling away).
3.  Hold the decal so that the sticky side is facing the application surface (window).  Looking through the transfer paper, place the bottom ½” of the image on the window.  Slowly squeegee each piece of the decal with an upward stroke, to squeeze out any air bubbles as you apply.  Then, repeat the same motion, this time going side to side to remove any air bubbles trapped on the edges.
4.  Slowly peel off the transfer paper, checking to make sure all decal pieces stick to the surface.  If any part of the decal begins to peel off with the paper, press the paper and decal back to the surface and squeegee again.  Repeat this process until all parts of decal stay stuck to surface when paper is peeled back.  When decal application is complete, do not wash or clean the area for 24 hours, allowing the decal to set.




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